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Golden Hearts Animal Sanctuary

Pilot's story starts in a veterinary emergency room, where he wound up after being run over by his owners. Unable to afford surgery, they relinquished Pilot to the animal hospital. We stepped in as a rescue to find him a home. And we did! Seems like a perfect ending - fix his broken leg, find him a home! We found a home for him very quickly, the next step was surgery.
Pre-op x-rays changed that outcome - he had severe arthritis and degenerative joint disease, making this simple surgery much more complex. We consulted with Dr. Dennis Aron, DVM, Diplomate ACVS, board certified surgeon, for his opinion (see our Resources page). He didn't mince words about outcomes, and after much soul-searching, Steve and I decided to go ahead with surgery. We paid for it ourselves, knowing that the sanctuary budget couldn't afford the 2000-3000 estimate (generously discounted). We told Pilot he lost enough homes, that his home would be with us permanently.
Pilot had surgery, and healed well, but with a limp. He also lost weight - from 130lbs to a sleek 77lbs - thinner is better with bad joints! In a quick burst of energy, he managed to tear his cruciate (knee) ligament in the spring of 2009. He just completed another surgery to repair it and once again will be working through rehabilitation.
Pilot is a wonderful, patient dog who really enjoys visitors who bring treats and lots of pets!