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Golden Hearts Animal Sanctuary

Melody came from a shelter in Orange County. She was described best as looking like an opossum. She suffered from such a heavy flea load that her back, legs, belly and tail were hairless. She appeared to have been a breeding animal, and as many over-bred dogs, has several mammary tumors.
She had surgery to spay her and remove several mammary adenocarcinomas, tumors which have a very low incidence of metastasis. Her hair grew back in, and with time, her separation anxiety improved. She also gained weight, from 43lbs up to 52lbs thanks to some time and lots of treats!
Melody also has seizures, small ones called "petit mal" seizures. She takes Phenobarbitol to keep them under control. She is also on a low dose of Prednisolone, a steroid, to help keep some neurological changes under control too.
She enjoys digging for gophers and barking at any birds that fly overhead - we call her our “air traffic controller!”