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Golden Hearts Animal Sanctuary

Sweet Liberty (Libby to her friends!) came to us in August 2008 from the county animal shelter. She was turned in by her owner, and unfortunately, due to her medical problems, was set to be euthanized. An animal turned in by his or her owner doesn't get the 'extra' time that a stray does when it enters the shelter.
As it turns out, Liberty does have some arthritis and some eye problems. She also has some chronic skin issues around her eyes and ears too. These are all problems noted also by the shelter staff. What went unnoticed was the strong odor coming from her mouth, which turned out to be due to a retrobulbar abscess. This abscess was behind her last molar and up behind her eye, and as a result of foxtails in her mouth. After cleaning and medication, it has healed!
She has tunnel vision in her right eye, so she bumps into stuff. She also has limited range of motion in her jaw, so she can't pick-up tennis balls, but she's comfortable, and that's what matters!