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Golden Hearts Animal Sanctuary

Meet Tess (her old name was Nessy), a Border Collie/Retriever mix who came from the Humane Society of Utah, via Stacy's dad and his travels. While she looks pretty normal and happy, she was born with a severe deformity to her left front leg.
The ulna and radius (the forearm of a person) didn't grow down and straight with a paw (or hand) at the end. One bone grew too short with one toe, while the other curved, and a partial paw, with 2 pads and 3 toes rests at the end of it.
The wonderful folks at the Humane Society tried for quite a while to place her with no luck. I gave them suggestions of message boards and forums to post her story which they did, and while many people thought she was cute, no one wanted a young dog who doesn't look normal. When asked if she could come here, of course we said yes! She makes a wonderful ambassador for the sanctuary and plays an important part in our humane education with children.