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Golden Hearts Animal Sanctuary

Bob came from downtown (L.A. that is!) He came from the LA county shelter in Carson. I'm pretty sure there aren't many goats (or pastures) in the city limits, so the sanctuary was quite a surprise for him!
The information about him is scarce, we only know he was impounded. Our best guess is he was going to be the guest of honor at someone's upcoming Easter meal ~ agh! He's very well-socialized with people (and dogs) much more so than goats, and walks on a lead too. He may have lived tied out in someone's yard or in close quarters with people ~ only he knows for sure!
Hes grown into quite a handsome fellow, and spends most days playing goatie games with Violet and Billie. He also uses every opportunity to beg for treats. This agile guy can often be found sleeping in the hay feeder too!