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Golden Hearts Animal Sanctuary

Miss Puddin' Pig came to us around July 4, 2008. "Piggie" (I know, what an original nickname!) came to us through a referral from the San Diego Herpetological Society. A strange connection, true, but Piggie was quickly becoming homeless due to divorce. As an older (over 6) and not well-socialized pig, we all knew that her chance to find a home at the county shelter was slim-to-none.
So, we helped convince her to load in a trailer, and home with us she came. The goats were afraid of her for the first couple of weeks, but have now decided she's okay. She lives next to the goat pasture so she has them for company. She's lost weight since she's been here, but probably won't get to the point to play in their pasture since it's on a hillside. We have found a good quality senior mini-pig diet and joint supplements to keep her in the best of health. She enjoys mudbaths and strawberries, the perfect treats for a senior piggie!