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Golden Hearts Animal Sanctuary

Animal control officers responded to a call about a stray in the avocado groves of Vista. What they found was not a dog ~ it was Billie! She was running loose with a large rope tied around her neck. The shelter staff named her “Billy” thinking initially she was male. She had a respiratory infection that turned into pneumonia, and they were having a difficult time medicating her. It was not the only problem she had ~ she was extremely underweight, covered in lice, and had a deformity in the shape of her nose. The sinus problems she had were present long after her lungs were clear and the lice were gone.
After consultation with three veterinarians, multiple antibiotics, and cultures from her nose, the best advice on treating her condition came from a long-time goat caretaker ~ Stacy’s high school agriculture teacher! Billie was treated for a trace mineral deficiency and the lump on her nose as well as her sinus problems resolved.
Today, Billie (we kept the name but had to change the spelling!) is a beautiful, albeit somewhat skittish girl. As she healed, it became obvious that the dehorning procedure which often happens to young goats was incorrectly done in Billie’s case. Her misshapen horns are the scars from a rough start to life, but Billie prefers to think of them as a “beauty mark”. After all, she’s the only goat here with them, so that makes her not only extra beautiful, but unique too!